"Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." 


Wildlings Program

Sponsor a girl to participate in our Wildlings Program. The Wildlings Program is a comprehensive after school care program that provides tutors, therapists and horseback riding academy for an at risk child. We measure success for this program with a positive change in the child's attendance, grade point average and behavior.

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Summer Camp

Sponsor a child to participate in our Summer Camp Program. Our Summer camp program fully immerses an at-risk child in equine science. This encourages our youth to keep an active mind over the summer. Our youth still participate in therapy and horseback riding. We provide a safe and fun experience for our at-risk youth during the summer.

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Herd Bound

Sponsor a child to participate in our Part of the Herd Program. The Part of the Herd program is a private 1:1 program for  youth. This is a great alternative for youth that require a more one on one experience or are needing a leg up in life. We measure success in this program with a positive change in the child's attendance, grades and behavior.

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Goat Staff

Horse Staff

I was coming from a pretty raw heart, and getting to hang out with these sweet animals and feel so full of love and laughter again was such a gift.


"The goat visit brought joy to us all!"


Casa Pacifica

“We are very fortunate to have people willing to expose our kids to humbling animals and allow us to experience a new holistic type of healing,”

Amanda Martinez, Casa Pacifica’s Recreation Therapy Supervisor

"Working with Growilla has been great. I couldn't have put together a better template myself. I would recommend it to all my friends."

John Smith

CEO, Solomortgage


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